Vehicle Leasing Range

Vehicle Fleet - Operating Lease

Whether you're a single operator, or looking after a whole fleet of trade and salesperson vehicles, we can offer leasing terms that put you in control. Our Lenders Operating Leases provide a flexible solution for company fleet needs – big or small, while freeing up valuable capital better spent elsewhere in your business. Either fully maintained or non-maintained, Operating Lease allows you to structure the lease to your requirements.


  • All Operating Lease payments and expenses are fully tax deductible.*not intended to constitute tax advice.
  • The Lender takes the residual risk, so there is no potential loss on vehicle disposal.
  • A modern fleet with no major upfront costs.
  • Your existing lines of credit remain intact.
  • Fewer surprises with fixed monthly lease payments.
  • Greater discounts with our Lenders volume purchasing power.
  • Frees your staff to concentrate on your business.
  • Full vehicle maintenance can be administered by the Lender.
  • Purchase and disposal is the responsibility of the Lender.


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Vehicle Fleet - Finance Lease

Often called ‘Lease to Own’, an our Lender's Finance Lease puts you in the vehicle of your choice with more options – including owning the vehicle outright at the end of the lease.

Variable deposits, balloon payments, and tailored monthly lease rental charges allow you flexibility and fiscal control over your company vehicle fleet, without tying up important cash reserves, or exhausting an existing line of credit.


  • Flexible – costs tailored to suit your business needs.
  • Fully maintained options available.
  • Finance a wider range of vehicles from passenger, light commercial or heavy commercial.
  • Allows additional accessories and fit outs.
  • HUGE buying power – best possible price and service from our preferred dealer network.
  • No significant upfront costs.
  • Easy budgeting and planning with regular monthly Finance Lease payments.


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Used Vehicle Lease

A Used Vehicle Lease offers many of the advantages of a standard Operating Lease or Finance Lease but with the cost benefits of using a quality ex-lease vehicle from our Lenders huge range.


Used Vehicle Leases are just the same as an Operating or Finance Lease but can offer lower monthly lease charges and fringe benefit tax savings. With a choice of quality ex-leased vehicles to pick from, a Used Vehicle Lease is an attractive and economic option.


  • Peace of mind the vehicle has been regularly serviced and maintained.
  • Lower monthly lease payments.
  • No significant upfront costs.
  • Lower FBT payments.
  • Fully maintained Lease Packages available.


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Sale and Lease Back

Sale and Leaseback is a product where our Lender purchases your fleet and leases it back to you on a tailored lease agreement that suits your business needs. It is a great way to get an instant cash injection and achieve considerable cost savings.

This solution can unburden a business of fleet liabilities, workload and expenses at any stage of the vehicle’s life cycle, and is an easy way to turn assets into capital.


  • Instant Cash Injection.
  • Ideal for companies who want to grow, invest or acquire without borrowing.
  • Lease back on agreed terms with agreed rates.
  • Relieves your company of any vehicle disposal issues.
  • Perfect if looking at upgrading your fleet.
  • Hand over your administrative burden to an experienced global fleet manager.
  • Benefit from our maintenance and servicing technical expertise and purchasing power.
  • Fringe Benefit Tax is based on the price which our Lender purchases the vehicle for, not on the original vehicle value.


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Business Lending

From $5,000-$300,000, whether it's starting a new business, reinvigorating your existing business, starting or renewing your fleet, bigger digger, taller crane, or simply purchasing more stock, a Real Finance business loan can help keep your business moving in the right direction. E-Sign is available.


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Consumer Loan Range

From $200 - $2,000,000 (lending criteria applies) Real Finance and their external Lenders offer a large range of tailored lending packages to our Consumer clients, in a fast, flexible and friendly lending environment. E-Sign is available.


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